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Living in Faith and Focus Everyday 

For those who have decided to stop submitting to their limitations!  

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This being, representing us, has one leg elevated and one leg connected. The idea that we are in this world but not restricted by it. There is more to you!

The Conversation​

When you see someone wearing LIFE, know that they are more! Start a conversation...ask them what they are creating! Support each other. Support LIFE.
LIFE is a reminder
You are more powerful than you know
The limits you set are self imposed

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People just like you who decided to have unwavering faith & focus

What’s your inspirational story? Tell us about you or someone you know who defied the odds! Submit your story here!

Roger Bannister

On May 6th, 1954 while attending medical school at the University of Oxford, Roger Bannister defied the odds and broke the 4-min mile! 3 min 59.4 sec! At the time it seemed to be an impossibly goal…but he did it anyway! What seemingly impossible goal will you achieve? With unwavering faith & focus what was once impossible becomes possible! According to Track & Field News over 500 men have ran the mile in 4mins or less since Bannister!

Dr. Joe Dispenza

While cycling in a triathlon in Palm Springs California in 1986 Dr. Joe Dispenza was hit by a Bronco going about 55 miles per hour. He was catapulted off his bike and broke 6 vertebra, T-8, T-9, T-10, T-11, T-12, & L-1. With a compressed spinal cord & bone fragments on his spinal cord his medical team told him he needed an extensive surgery and a body cast or he would never walk again. He decided not to have the surgery. He believed that “the power that made the body, heals the body.” With unwavering faith & focus by 6 weeks he started to have less pain, by 9.5 weeks he was back on his feet, at 12 weeks he was training again! “You are more than you perceive yourself to be!”

Lisa Nichols

As a single mom on welfare living in Englewood at the age of 27, she had to wrap her son in a towel for two days because she did not have enough money to buy diapers. With only $11.42 in the bank, in that moment she decided to never be “this broke or broken” again! With unwavering faith & focus she transformed herself day by day & studied and continues to study wealth; “how to create it, keep it, & how to grow it!” Lisa “funded her dream” and within 3.5 years of applying what she learned she had saved $62,500! Today she has a healthy relationship with money, is a New York Times best-selling author, CEO of her own company & a motivational speaker who charges $50,000-$100,00 for an event! What odds are you up against that you will decide will no longer define you?

Silvana Lima

Brazilian pro suffer, Silvana Lima grew up in a beach snack-shack, owned by her parents. She taught herself to surf at the age of seven, using a fin she made from a piece of wood. Although she had been competing for eight years as a top tier surfer, she was unable to gain sponsorship. According to Silvana, not looking like a model has been a challenge in an industry where the potential sponsors value that look. She took matters into her own hands and sponsored herself! She raised the money she needed to continue to compete in the World Surf League as a world class contender! Someone’s denial does not have to be your destiny, you are writing your own story!

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