who we are

The origin

As a child I would naturally find myself standing in this position, much like the logo. In my mind, it represented , that although I was here in this physical body, I somehow knew there was more to us. As time passed the silhouette of an asexual figure in this position was steadfast in my mind. I would see it everywhere in my mind’s eye. It served as a reminder that I am in this world but not restricted by it! For me life stands for living in complete faith and focus everyday!

After hiring several graphic designers in an attempt to capture the image, an unplanned visit with a life long friend proved to be the answer. We were at her child’s birthday party and before leaving I showed her one of the designs. She said “It’s nice, but I can do better.” 

I fully explained the meaning and feel of the image, a few days later she sent a sketch. Finally!!!! Someone had fully captured the silhouette.  LIFE! 
long sleeves

The Message

Over the years I have realized the human need for constant confirmation. The need to constantly refocus. We spend most of our time focusing on why we can’t. Why we didn’t. What held us. What is still holding us back.  
Wear LIFE as a reminder to have unwavering faith & focus as you create who you want to be. For this experience! For this LIFE!

The logo

This being, representing us, has one leg elevated and one leg connected. The idea that we are in this world but not restricted by it. There is more to you!
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The Conversation

When you see someone wearing LIFE, know that they are more.
Start a conversation…ask them what they are creating. Support each other. Support LIFE. 
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More about our Message

LIFE = Living in Faith & Focus Everyday

“You are more than you know!”